Pilot Name:

Pablo Berckmans

UAS Number:


Expiry Date:


Sub Category:

A1 (fly ‘over’ people)

Operations in subcategory A1 can only be conducted with unmanned aircraft that present a very low risk of harm or injury to other people due to their low weight (less than 250g), their type of construction, or because they are a ‘toy’3 (i.e. they are ‘inherently harmless’). However, flight over open-air assemblies of people is not permitted.

A3 (Fly ‘far from’ people)

This category covers the more general types of unmanned aircraft operations. The intent is that the unmanned aircraft will only be flown in areas that are clear of uninvolved persons and will not be flown in areas that are used for  residential, commercial, industrial or recreational purposes (roughly equivalent to what is currently referred to as a ‘congested area’).